Wednesday, 10 August 2016

"I make wishes all the time and try to believe them"

Sweet, magical, descending gracefully before us like a sprinkling of fairy dust, Aurora Aksnes is the flowing blend of enchanting storytelling and intriguing personality. Sure, I've been listening to her for months and months now and you probably have too but it's only recently I have been watching interviews.
 She speaks of a childhood of pretending trees could talk and having friends but preferring to be at home alone, turning the world around her into something more exciting. She sees the good in things, stating that what inspires her most are "people and their stories and my stories and the world. It's good to make something beautiful out of something that is originally not that beautiful." And, being genuine and full of warmth, she advises that "the best thing we can do today is relax and be happy and try to enjoy just being ourselves because we try too much to be something or an idea of something we would like to be."
 In her music videos, she explores solitary in the wilderness, in front of waterfalls, in silent spreads of snow, and gets emotional while butterflies attach themselves to her. I imagine this to be an insight into her world - one that's centered around nature. She's like a delicate snowflake resting in the serene coldness of her Norwegian home or a mythical being tiptoeing out of overgrown bluebells.
 Love letter and bias journalism aside, Aurora demonstrates perfectly how an artist and their music can fit perfectly as one (unlike, for example, manufactured pop stars or people who make themselves/ their sound totally in keeping with what's popular. There seems to be a disconnection; things feel too forced) Songs are like tales, both from their side and our's as our imagination and emotions roam wild. Aurora, too, is like something from a tale.

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