Saturday, 23 July 2016

Micro playlist for running on a beach

PEOPLE: Ahh, it's so hot. I just want to stay inside so I don't melt from the heat
ME: I really want to go on a run. See you in a bit.


*Let's talk about Weezer's White Album, released a few months ago. In it, is Rivers Cuomo a forty six years young man stuck in the mindset of an adolescent male, inexplicably nostalgic about a time that really wasn't that great but has merged into something golden and attractive in the imagination?  Or is he just a good narrator for that young, awkward, girl crazy period in life?
Weezer are a band that have never really come across as taking things too seriously, both lyrically and visually (see music videos). This album contains songs like 'Thank God for Girls' and 'LA Girlz', which initially made me cringe because, well, spelling and 40+ years of age with wife and kids. But then I laughed it off and thought haha that's probably the point. Things like 'if I was king of the world/ you'd be my girl' (King of the World) and 'oh why why why do my flowers always die?/ why do they die?/ I'm all jacked up over you' (Jacked Up) and 'I just want this summer to end/ what's the point of trying to pretend?/ she told me to follow the rules/ not all 19 year olds are cool' (Endless Bummer) , which are emotionally raw and longing in that youthful kind of way, are combined with a sound that's very old school Weezer. So actually maybe Rivers (and co) is more just celebratory, embracing the roots of the band that made them, in many people's eyes, great.

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