Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Roland Garros kit watch

Fashion and tennis have always gone hand in hand, especially in the context of other sports. At this year's French Open, everyday items have been encorporated into the kits, making the fashion and tennis combination even more prominent.
Alize Lim wore a blue dungaree-look playsuit, designed herself for Le Coq Sportif, layered over a strapless white bra and Adidas' zebra stripes, when in the form of the top and black skirt, came with suspenders. (Worn by Simona Halep and Angelique Kerber)

My initial thoughts were I really really love dungarees and suspenders but they're not made for the tennis court and, while this is still the case for the Adidias kit, the more I look at Alize's the more I kind of like it.

The sport allows individuality to be presented on court, both through the player's game and their appearance. A notable example of this is dialogue between British player Angela Mortimer and press in 1958(?)

When asked if designer Teddy Tinling was behind her clothes:
'No' she told them. 'Teddy doesn't approve of shorts'
'Why don't you wear dresses?'
'Because they don't suit my tennis character'
(White Ladies, Teddy Tinling)

Nowadays the outfits are homogenised and controlled by brands and therefore not always reflective. That makes Alize's refreshing. Playsuits are very much her thing (she designed her first one with Le Coq Sportif at the 2015 French Open) so replicating a pair of dungarees, in this sense, is only natural.

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