Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Whole Family Is Worried

When British singer songwriter Misty Miller's name first entered the music scene in 2010 she was fifteen years of age with a ukulele and delicate blonde hair, performing soothing songs with an air of innocent gracefulness. Her debut EP 'Remember' is a short friendly selection of indie folk with the title track an uplifting song about heartbreak- A juxtaposition that's inevitable when you pair a ukulele with questions such as 'do you remember because I remember all the nights wishing that we were kissing?' The third track ('Vampire') is a love letter to a vampire, Misty expressing how 'all I ask is you stay the night, protect me and make me feel safe, yeah keep all the others away, and hold me very tight,' and in 'Evergreen Love' affections are cute and soppy while singing 'I'll latch onto you, like a tree creature curling up, and I hope that you'll latch onto me too.' She also released a charity single for The Woodland Trust, 'Tiptoe Through The Bluebells', with an accompanying video that sees her wondering dreamily through a field of bluebells, a  maxi dress flowing down creating the impression of an ethereal bohemian. Then she sits and lies among the sun-lit flowers and the intensity of her coordinating blue eyes makes it even more enchanting...

Now Misty Miller has deep black hair and skin busy with tattoos. Her impassioned vocals are layered over pop punk foundations as she often stands taller than the males as opposed to daintily seeking their support. 'I wash my hair, I wash my hair for you, I shaved my legs, I shaved my legs for you too,' she sings in 'Next to You' about the conforming to a guy's desires. 'Other Girls' is about urging to stop watching porn- 'Keep seeing you refresh and restart, checking out a million hearts, the moment that I walk in the room, baby did I come in to soon?' she tells in a perhaps too familiar situation before proclaiming 'you could be someone, you could be someone.' "It's also a comment on how this idea of the perfect sex object is utterly ridiculous," she explained to

Although it's easy to compare Misty Miller to her former self, it's not something that should be done (uh oh me). "I was fifteen years old when I was thrown into the record industry. I was so excited to be doing an album that I went with whatever the producers suggested. The songs were mine but I never felt comfortable with the way it was all packaged," she told The Guardian. 'Lonesome Cowboy', written during those early days, is inspired by that and how she was misrepresented and not given a chance to make the kind of music she does now []

So, while the so-called image change seems drastic and rebellious to outsiders (Misty followed that quote by saying "there were all these online comments such as 'my God what has happened to her? She used to be so angelic. She's obviously gone through some kind of torture' Transforming musically has been my way of trying to find a way of presenting who I am. I think I've got to a place where I've found that"), it's actually really natural and highlights how we change while growing up.

I like both Misty Millers but I like this one more because the music's energy is contagious. 'Happy,' 'Best Friend' and 'Stars' were on repeat last summer and I'm thankful that there's now a full twelve track album of songs that are all equally fun enough to replay again and again and again. Also, she comes across so real, like no media, producer, society in general are going to influence her to be somebody she feels she isn't.

This isn't off the new album, The Whole Family Is Worried, but here's her cover of The Only Ones' 'Another Girl Another Planet'. It's pretty sweet.

*Post updated with photos from her show at the Moth Club, Hackney, 25th April 2016.

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