Sunday, 3 April 2016

On repeat: Breakfast

It had been a long and tiring day and I was feeling kind of negative about things. That kind of negativity that's most common at the beginning of the week when the remaining days until the weekend feel like an up-mountain struggle. Because it was a Tuesday. Mondays are alive with possibility, Wednesdays are midweek. Tuesdays, they're just depressing.
I exaggerate. It wasn't that bad. But I was curled up in bed, quilt up to my chin, and thought I really need some music. So I turned the station over to Radio 1 and it was just as I did so that Breakfast came on.

It was summer 2014 when Laura Hayden, with band Faro, first made me smile. To quote myself, it was like 'driving down an open road; Roof off, sun blazing, palm trees either side. There's not a cloud in the sky, not a care in the world. Just you, your closest friend(s) and Faro skipping out of the speakers.' Because that's the kind of image songs like Anteros evoke: Sun-filled and laid back.
Then the band mysteriously disappeared and Laura returned last July with new project Anteros.*

The music described (Anteros and I think Fade to Grey was one too) still exist but Breakfast is the first single on new label Kissability. 

I could talk about its sound ('It recalls everyone from Gwen Stefani's chart run to Real Estate's indie pop, Stevie Nick's attitude to The Cardigan's blissful Scandi-Pop' [] and 'Despite the dreamy sound, 'Breakfast' delivers some real Debbie Harry attitude' [] ) and I could talk about its meaning ("We wrote the song last summer. I was seeing someone who only wanted to stay up and talk about their problems until the early hours. We've all been bored of someone who is to self indulgent" [clashmusic and thebeatjuice] ) But I'd rather talk about its feel, which is like an explosion of glitter in a beer scented venue. Basically I'm just anticipating the day I experience it live and dance.

So the song ended and I turned the station off, satisfied with the unexpected burst of musical joy, and soon after fell asleep. I've since continued to play this song countless times throughout the week...

*I'm not sure whether it was just a name change or reshuffle of members. Sorry to the rest of Anteros for not being that familiar with you :-(

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