Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Note to self

The joy of vintage shopping is that you never know what you'll find. Or if you'll ever find it again... (which is not so joyous)

The other week I dreamt of a shirt I tried on while in Beyond Retro with Sylvie last month. It was sleeveless denim with pink and yellow vertical stripes on one side and I was instantly in love with its cute summeriness.  But it was a size medium, not a small, and looked big in an unflattering way over my tiny self. I debated buying it, because if I tied it in a knot at the front, turning it into a crop top, it kind of worked, only to have a grey-filled thought that if I did buy it then I'd probably end up hardly wearing it overrule my decision.

Note to self when my gut instinct is telling me to purchase a vintage/ second hand item of clothing: Do it.
I had imagined owning a shirt very similar to this one beforehand and now I feel like I accidently dropped it in a river and the current carried it away and it plummeted down a waterfall, lost forever.
Who knows when I will find one like it.
Who knows if I will find one like it.
I mean, I even dreamt about it- This overisized cheery denim shirt- and I never dream about clothes.

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