Tuesday, 15 March 2016

raw carrot cake slices

Easter's nearly here so it's time to embrace Easter related food. Right? While home home this week, I made chocolate and coconut crispy cakes and, after thinking of ways to use up a pack of medjool dates, these spontaneous carrot cake slices. I may make some brownies with the addition of mini eggs too.

What are the ingredients?
1 cup cashews,
1 cup walnuts,
200g medjool dates,
3 tablespoons coconut oil,
half a carrot,
mixed spice,
dark chocolate,

How do I make them?
Blitz the cashews and walnuts in a food processor until resembling breadcrumbs
then add the medjool dates, coconut oil. spices and grated carrot.
Blend together until a firm mixture has formed.
Transfer into a lined tin and smooth out with a spatula/ spoon
then cover the top with grated chocolate.
Freeze for 1 hour
then keep in the fridge

Best served with a cup of tea while in the presence of daffodils.

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