Wednesday, 2 March 2016

In my mind it's summer all the time

In my mind it's summertime. I woke up just before five in the morning and before drifting back off to sleep the sun was rising and the birds were talking. I sit on my bed in the evening and I'm sitting in pyjama shorts, bare legs stretched out in front of me, with the window open. When it's raining, it's that warm pleasant rain and I walk down the street in shorts and raincoat inhaling the petrichor. I brought a new candle (Next 'Milan') which at first light smelt unpleasantly sweet but then soon after it had this summery aroma, kind of like a combination of cut grass, sun lotion and flowers, and I'm sat outside, legs crossed, wrists chunky with threads and beads, listening to music. I walk home from uni and I'm wandering the streets of Sitges wearing a white t-shirt under red gingham dungaree shorts. It's a day of showers- one moment sun the next rain forcefully racing down the window- and, even though I'm shivering and my hands are unmovable blocks of ice, it's warm and the showers are refreshing bursts strengthening flower-filled gardens.

Etc etc. This could continue because  every few days recently the list has been added to. But last night I was watching an interview with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend and he was talking about a time he spent living in LA. He said how "[it] gave me a very funny sense of time. Suddenly the things I was used to that gave me a sense of the seasons changing vanish. I was just hanging out and this very kind of strange malaise set in and I'm sure it sounds very over-dramatic but I had this very subtle sensation of almost being in the afterlife or something. [After being constantly busy with the band] suddenly I found myself in LA, everyday there was a nice breeze and things didn't change..."
It made me realise that maybe I should appreciate nature more when it comes to seasons. Sure, I do love autumn and winter up until New Year but I crave summer more often than I don't and maybe if it was constantly like the above I would get bored... and it would lose it's charm...

or maybe it wouldn't.


  1. I always crave summer until it gets here. We have very humid summers so while I love the long golden days and warm showers, I do not love constantly feeling sticky.

    1. Ahh, yeah. Stickiness is never good! BUT it is an excuse to eat more ice cream ;-)