Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Currently can't stop listening to... Public Access TV

On Location and In Love and Alone are two songs in particular that when listening to (loudly) evoke immediate excitement and optimism. I just wanna dance and jump around like Amber at Koko.
It's testament to how powerful music is at determining a mood.

The build up of guitars and energy, feet tapping faster and mouth's sides turning upwards
before the chorus kicks in and you're like aahhh.
Or when a song starts as emphatically as it means to go on and you instantly dive into a protective gathering of euphoria.
You might have been feeling down but the sadness is lifted up into the air by the hands and punched away.
You may have been feeling angry but the  anger is drowned out.
Then the song(s) comes to an end and dishearteningly you think oh.. what do I do now? because everything feels like an anticlimax.

Often these emotions are triggered when songs are new and released before an album comes out, therefore filled with possibilities. That's the case with New York's Public Access TV  anyway, who formed in 2013. Side note: Frontman John Eatherly was bassist in the band Be Your Own Pet (which he dropped out of high school to pursue) and drummer in The Virgins.

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