Saturday, 20 February 2016

This week I went to see Hinds

KOKO, Camden
Thursday 18th February

Listening to Hinds is fun but witnessing them live is even more fun. Their happiness and energy is infectious as it blurts out from the speakers and leaps off the stage, immersing itself with the crowd who are just as energetic and nearly as happy. From the moment they came on to perform, smiles were spread across their faces and Carlotta and Ade were noticeably  overwhelmed by the setting, taking a deep breath and subtly shaking their heads in gleeful disbelief. After all, this was the biggest headline show they'd done and, to enhance their excitement, sold out.

So the crowd waved their arms in the air, sang (or released vowel sounds when unable to understand the lyrics) loudly towards the stage, danced in the incredibly limited space available, jumped up and down and shouted joyfully along to Fat Calmed Kiddos, Castigadas En El Granero, Chili Town, San Diego and Between Cans.

To end their set, they invited a load of their friends on to crazily jump around, beers in hand, and sing along to their cover of Davey Crockett. It was like one big party, which is essentially what the whole gig was. More so than ever because it was a celebration of where they've come ("You guys are making this job look like a dream," they wrote on Twitter afterwards. "Starting to realise now what happened yesterday. Thank you London," Carlotta posted on Instagram. "Can't believe this night. London you the fucking best," Amber also posted on Instagram) and you can't help but feel that delight also. When you go and see musicians live and you can tell they are having the greatest of times and incredibly thankful to be there, those are the best kind of performances.


During the support acts (Public Access TV who were really fun and Only Real who was sweet), Amber was side of stage dancing, grin on her face like nobody was watching (or maybe it was only me who was watching) and IT WAS THE CUTEST THING.

During the set, Carlotta recounted a tale about when she was living in London as a fifteen/ sixteen year old. She was dating a guy and had told him she was eighteen. They came to KOKO for a club night and she had to make up an excuse at the door about how she didn't have any ID at the moment. Naturally, she wasn't allowed in.

During the encore (although they never really went off. They were at the side of the stage hugging and high-fiving their friends), when the group of friends came on, ARNI FROM THE VACCINES WAS THERE. He hyperactively jumped about and sang into Ana's microphone with her before joining Ade. It was kind of funny.

Just before they left, Ana told the crowd about the after party they were going to DJ at and invited everybody along.

Then, as they were leaving, people at the front (I was at the front) were calling for Amber. Carlotta encouraged her to go down so she did and had selfies and signed stuff. Then Carlotta joined her.
Usually fans would have to wait ages outside for a chance to meet who they've seen live. Hinds interact immediately. 

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