Friday, 15 January 2016

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Monday 11th January
'Look up here I'm in heaven, I've got scars that can't be seen, I've got drama can't be stolen, everybody knows me now'
David Bowie has passed away. The genius, innovator, magical figure of music/ fashion/ art etc has physically departed Earth, leaving behind an ever influential, ever adored presence.
What I find touching is that right up until the time he died, he was filled with creativity. He said goodbye in the most appropriate, symbolic way: By keeping his illness a secret and making a record, thus having his final words and appearance be that of through his music- Something that is rare in the overly open society we live in today.

They didn't hold that much significance when released in album Blackstar a few days before his death but on reflection the lyrics, with subtle references to life's end, are moving ('I know something is very wrong, the pulse returns the prodigal son, the blackout hearts the flowered news, the skull designs upon my shoes' in I Can't Give Everything Away, 'something happened on the day he died, spirit rose a metre and stepped aside, somebody else took his place, and bravely cried' in Blackstar and 'I'll be free, just like that bluebird, I'll be free, ain't that just me' in Lazarus) and that's special. 
To quote Jarvis Cocker in Mark Radcliffe's 'Thank You David Bowie' 6 Music show, and to reiterate this section's point, "he stayed creative until the very end of his life and that makes me happy"

David Bowie was/ is one of a kind and always will be.


Wednesday 13th January

Phoebe Gormley dropped out of her Costume Design and Making degree at Nottingham Trent university to start up her own company. Gormley & Gamble, launched in 2014, is London's first made-to-measure tailors for women. Located on the prestigious Savile Row alongside the tailors for men makes Phoebe's vision and creation even more exciting. Yay for equality!


Thursday 14th January
How do I knit this darn Kurt Cap? I asked myself continuously, stuck at the point where you 'knit 51 stitches, turn your work around to work back over the last 32 stitches- simply leave the rest of the stitches on the needle for now, you will come back to them later.' I googled. Nothing. I emailed. I got a helpful reply. But still I was a bit like hmmm. Then I noticed on Twitter during a boring pre-seminar browse that Wool And The Gang were doing a gang meet up in the cafe at Heal's. Ding! Yes! Time to get help. 

There were seven of us there altogether. Two WATG members (one a maker, the other more technical), a woman from Shanghai who's been living in London 6 weeks (?) and had the wrong needle size so had to stop half way through. The correct needles were on their way in the post and she was annoyed because she thought they would have arrived that morning. Her partner, originally from France, was there too and he was working on a scarf. There was a woman who had never knitted anything before and wanted help beginning and then another woman came and was knitting away, experimenting with new stitches.

What's wonderful about Wool And The Gang is it's not just a store/brand but a kind of friend. One that's cool and inspiration as well as caring and supportive. I now know what to do with  my Kurt Cap, until I get further into it anyway, and it's refreshing to be able to get on with a project with a variety of people who hold equal enthusiasm. Oh and those images that are in your mind right now of old ladies working away while gossiping... wipe them away.

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