Sunday, 31 January 2016

Last Tuesday afternoon/ evening was kind of pointless

What's really frustrating is an unproductive day
when words on pages dissolve before the brain
when many moments are spent pointlessly staring
when scrolling through a Twitter feed is a means of inspiration
when a task is started and then immediately abandoned because
why bother?
when eyes repeatedly revert to the clock
and there's a sigh because time seems to be

when you read some more but get distracted so continue to stare at nothing
start the same task and change your mind so browse the internet instead
look at the clock, it's nearly bedtime
so sigh a sigh of relief

(then you write about how unproductive you've been
in order to feel like you've done something
and then you get under the covers and  start watching Victoria Azarenka vs Angelique Kerber while waiting for Jo Konta vs Zhang Shuai
but fall asleep soon after
because obviously the evening's been so busy and strenuous) 

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