Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The yay winter can be fun hat

I knitted a hat. And I wore it when I went ice skating at Somerset House last week.

Have you been yet? It's quite magical- made more so by how it had been raining miserably all day but stopped literally just before myself, Sylvie and Ines got on the ice. Classical music played as I glided elegantly around the rink (the latter only true in my head) and one man- an elderly guy surely in his 70s- zoomed past with ease. I envisioned him to be a former pro ice skater, winning medals and being brilliant.I fell over once, my bottom bashing on the ice, but not while skating around but while getting into position for a group photo. "You very nearly smashed your head," said one of the supervisors who came over concerned. The only thing I smashed was my self-esteem. The hour booked was 3-4. meaning it wasn't too busy and it was starting to get dark ( that's when it really looks enchanting). 

Photos taken by Sylvie

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