Thursday, 12 November 2015

Snapshots of Autumn

When summer comes to an end, I feel like I want to cry. But then there are moments, like Monday the other week, when I think actually, no. Every season has it's great points and Autumn has many.

It was a fog-filled day and the morning was all white and eery with cobwebs glistening everywhere. I spent it walking around a place associated with summer, fascinated by the fiery ivy and prominent red trees. Afterwards I headed into the centre of London and, as I was wondering through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park (where the above photos were taken), the sun came out. It was perfect. The golden colours around me, the carpet of leaves crunching beneath my feet, the hazy sunshine making everything feel cozy... Then, as I got off the train and walked back to my house in the evening, it was dark and even foggier and there was a scent of winter in the air.

I made a (cliche) list of the things I love about Autumn and those things are as follows:

The colours,
how everything is like living in a sepia photograph,
long walks,
how the air is crisp but it's not cold enough to make my fingers go numb or not cold enough to have to wear a thick coat,
picnics (which were non-existent but the idea seems wonderful),
bonfires and fireworks (again, non existent in my life this year),
hot chocolates,
snuggling up with a good book,
scented candles

Knitting things I can actually wear
The scarf above was inspired by Halloween,
my mum's homemade pumpkin (or if there's no pumpkins then butternut squash) bread,
baking. e.g. banana bread,
warming smoothies
plum, apple, pear, banana, almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg then heated up on the hob

What do you love about Autumn?

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  1. These capture autumn so perfectly! Such beautiful photos, autumn is so pretty!

    Hayley-Eszti |