Friday, 27 November 2015

Halloween at Kew

The stand out part of Christms at Kew (which, with my extremely high expectations, turned out to be a disappointment. And that's coming from somebody who loves Christmas) was not even Christmasy but much more suited for Halloween. The Fire Garden section of the 1 mile trail contained candles arranged on the grass, scraggly lopsided trees, scent of smoke in the chilling air, and a man (did he work there? Had he set out to murder? Murder Christmas maybe?) with a frown on his face and menacing stare, slowly walking and then standing motionless among the candles. There were stars hanging from the branches too, creating a spiritual atmosphere. On approach, with the ground alight with orange flames, it looked like Hell but when leaving I felt strangely calm. (Apart from when opposite the mysterious man but the less of that the better)

Photos taken by Sylvie

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