Monday, 23 November 2015

Bijoux de Diamants

Does anyone else find themselves drawn to all things twinkly come the end of November? It's the same for me every year that, up until the New Year, sparkles become the idealistic clothing and shining silvery jewellery is the choice of adornment. And stars. There's just something about stars. There's nothing original or exceedingly creative about a starry accessory but then there's nothing new about Christmas time either and these pretty five cornered wonders fit perfectly into the period.

I should probably mention some of the exhibitions I have been to of (not so) recent. The two mentioned being the two similar in style. They have ended now and you may have visited them. If so, what did you think?! The first was Louis Vuitton Series 3 at 180 the Strand. Susie Lau expresses on Style Bubble that it "intrigues if you stay there just that bit longer. It's not an exhibition for quickie selfies just to say you were there." I definitely didn't take a selfie but I also didn't stay there long and maybe that's why I just didn't get the whole concept. That and I just care enough (sorry, Nicolas Ghesquiere)

I then saw Mademoiselle Prive at the Saatchi Gallery which was a bit better. There was variety to it with a cute recreation of a shop in Deauville where Coco began selling hats, a French garden with real box hedges , and a room dedicated to perfumery with wells containing potion-like pinkness emitting steam. My favourite part, however, was the re-edition jewellery collection designed by Coco Chanel in 1932. It was filled with stars! Like walking into a galaxy of timeless luxury. Headbands, shooting stars,  a diamond bow (A cute addition) necklace... Although not intended to be, it was all just so perfect for the festive season and, visiting the exhibition on the 28th October who can blame me for beginning to have these thoughts?

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