Monday, 7 September 2015

The love park

She's sat in the park on her own with blades of grass surrounding her. The blades get smaller when she looks ahead as though scuttling away from her company. Why would they want to be in my company? 
Couples pass through, side by side, hand in hand. It's lunch time and they're bonding on their break.

There's the successful businessman with an equally successful businesswoman. Shirt and tie, shirt and pencil skirt, neat hair. There's the endearing 'geek' and his equally endearing female doppelganger. Glasses, mousy brown hair, matching smiles as they glance affectionately into each other's eyes. There are the students. Young, carefree, dawdling nonchalantly with all the time in the world.

The first buy ice cream in a cone from a parked ice cream van and lick them gleefully like children before settling back in their offices  of responsibility. The second, enclosed in their own world like characters in a book, share jokes only they will understand. The third find a spot on the grass, stretch out their legs and smoke a cigarette each.

She, however, alone on her section of the grass, looks on with wonder. She picks up a daisy from by her shoe and stares at it. He loves me, he loves me not. But who is this he? Nobody ever notices her. Her presence is a tiny as the blades of grass. The blades of grass that scurry away from her.


Observations from a lunch time sat in my local park way back on a sunny day at the beginning of May. The photo was taken in Kew Gardens at the beginning of June. The 'me', by the way, is not me. I have far more important things to be sad about than love. Like how it's now September and summer's coming to an end (!!!) [bursts into tears and buries herself  miserably under coats she doesn't want to wear]

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