Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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What has become of flowers in the hair? A festival cliche, an overdone DIY; They are now considered by many people to be a joke. Yet in Marina Hoermanseder's spring summer '16 show at Berlin Fashion Week, flowers in the hair were given a new creative life. Playful and doll-like but also intricate and lavish, sleek chignons were decorated in gatherings of pastel coloured leather petals which were almost plastic in appearance. The same petals made their way onto outfits- A couture style hooped bell skirt, a bustier worn with a rich blue circle midi, and the colour pallet of delicate lime green, pale lilac, light peach, cobalt blue and white.


Rafael Nadal is global ambassador for the Tommy Hilfiger brand and has thus served up inspiration for the spring summer '16 menswear collection.
Among the all white holiday looks- such as cotton sateen trousers paired with a linen blazer and denim jacket- and the occasional casual pop of colour and bomber jacket, was the trio of Rafael Nadal edition suits.
 These tailored suits in smart greys and navy are made from high performance and environmentally friendly Marzotto fabric, which is stretchy and designed for comfort. The models in the presentation stood wearing them with rackets in hand and, while you may not want to wear them for actually playing tennis in, the clothing- skillful in creation and suave in look- definitely has an air of Nadal about it.


Beirut ~ No No No
Frank Turner ~ Get Better
Misty Miller ~ Happy
Anteros ~ Anteros

A sunny playlist to past time when the sky is bright and the shorts are on. These songs make me smile regardless of if there's happiness behind them or not. Like Beirut, for example. Their next album, 'No No No' (to be released on September 11), was created following a mental and physical breakdown Zach Condon from the band suffered. But this song of the same name is compiled of the classic, joyful Beirut sound (how can ukuleles, melodicas and trumpets ever be negative?) that- whatever the meaning is behind it- I'm always going to feel comforted. 


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