Friday, 8 May 2015

Nautical Chic

My older brother and sister: [chuckling with bemusement] A book about
nautical fashion?
Isn't it just full of stripes and sailor hats?

Things that have derived from the nautical:
Square collars 
Bell-bottom pants 
Pea coats 
Duffle coats 
The middy blouse 
Boater hats 
Fair isle/ Aran knits 
Breton tops 
Waterproofs -> Barbour 
Tommy Hilfiger 

There are so many types of clothing that have come from or were inspired by the sea that we probably don't even realise. That was definitely the case for me but after reading Amber Jane Butchart's 'Nautical Chic', my mind has been opened up to just how influential it is. The officer, the sailor, the fisherman and the sportsman are all style icons responsible for some of the everyday items popularly taken from our wardrobes and, while they may not be pinned up on our bedroom wall in the form a picture radiating 'coolness', those that have imitated their dress most likely are. Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot, many many glossy editorials... These combined with beautiful vintage illustrations and engaging sentences compiled from facts make up the book. A book which is ideal for reading on a rainy afternoon or for picking up from the coffee table and flicking through during a tea break. 

For me, there's something adorable about a middy blouse- Especially when worn with a boater hat in a Japanese school girl kind of way.
I find the duffle coat the cutest kind of coat, perfect for when Autumn becomes chilly.
A fun raincoat (and/ or a classic Barbour) is a satisfying necessity for when the weather is grey and wet.
I am instantly attracted to preppy-looking clothes, casual but full of life, and the stripe top... What is it about stripe tops? They're incredibly simple but my eyes are always drawn to them.

It's never occurred to  me before but now I think that subconsciously this all comes down to my love for the sea. Those styles, even if not initially obvious, all have the same thing in common and it's the charm of the nautical, pulling me in like waves of the ocean. 

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