Thursday, 23 April 2015


Last Saturday (18th April) I went to see McBusted.
Yes, McBusted, and it was great.

The giant luminous pinball machine ("The biggest working pinball machine in the world") as a backdrop for the stage,

the video game theme and the sliding down into a Super Mario-style green pipe via a pole at the end of the show,

James cycling round and round the stage after 'Riding On My Bike',

the band returning from the B Stage (the smaller one at the opposite end of the arena, closest to Katharine and I) by running through the crowd dressed in wedding gear, complete with dresses, before erupting into 'Crash The Wedding',

kiss cam during 'It's All About You' and how a camera would focus on couples, or just a male and female together, in the crowd. They were so obedient that even two girls who had no romantic emotions towards one another reluctantly put their lips together,

the 90's film trailers played on the screens beside the stage whilst waiting for the band to come on,

the hyperactivity,

the set list

What's a gig when the performers aren't full of enthusiasm? There's a difference between watching music live and listening to it through speakers and headphones and that's the feeling of involvement and everybody (the audience and those on stage) bonding over the same thing. Gigs aren't enjoyable or that memorable when the crowd are still or the musicians don't really interact. You want to leave feeling invigorated and full of affection. With McBusted it's like they're your immature friends livening up the day. They welcome you and joke with you and when they perform it's not just them putting on a show but the crowd in front of them too. Everyone singing, waving their arms, impulsively jumping about or dancing in the limited space between seats (arena woes), all while in a magical galaxy of smart phone lights. It's fun and that's what a gig should be. Fun.

I brought my ticket last year on a whim. Katharine had seen them earlier that year and I had been jealous so I thought it would be amusing for the two of us to go together. When they released their album in December I was a bit like hmmm, should I really have purchased this ticket? but the set list for their show turned out to be near perfect- playing a selection of songs from their album and the rest Busted and McFly hits.

During songs such as 'Air Hostess', 'That's What I Go To School For' and 'You Said No' I momentarily thought about singing along badly to them as a child, through a toy microphone on a stand, at home.  Likewise with McFly songs 'Obviously' and 'Five Colours In Her Hair', when they became my replacement after Busted ended. By ticking them off my bands I've seen live list, I feel I've made my childhood me happy. This is what she would have wanted. The teenage me, however, is like 'what are you doing...? This is so not cool...' 

And the me now? She's like 'wooo, yay,  what's there to be ashamed of?'

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