Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Linda Rodin appreciation post

Broadly speaking, when women reach a particular period in their lives where the label 'old' looms over them, it's as though they can never be stylish. The connotations of elderly women dress are those of repulsion and frumpiness; the young feel cut off from the lack of style and the elderly feel cut off from the youthful structures and vitality.
But broadly speaking, these are just stereotypes and why should we live up to stereotypes? After all, age is just a number and clothes are just fabric.

Linda Rodin is how I want to dress. At 66 (67?) she's 46 (47?) years my senior but she has a sunglasses collection I am instantly envious of and a home, compiled of trinkets and charm, that I could easily get lost in and never want to find my way out. Imagine if she was my grandma. Oh imagine. She could pass clothes and accessories down to me to the point where I'd never have to go shopping again. But then imagine if she was my best friend. There would be nothing to be embarrassed about and people would be like "ooo where did you get that from?" with genuine affection and not the slightest thought that I'm sharing clothes with a nearly 70 year old.

My mum often says, in response to an item of clothing she likes, "I can't wear that. It's too young for me." Except that's NONSENSE, I will reply. Just look at Linda Rodin. The inspiration.


  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing! x


  2. I want to dress like her when I'm her age as well. Who says you can't be old and stylish, I love it when you see older women still looking super stylish, I always vowed I would be one of those!

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