Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Reflections: Two days, two exhibitions

~Saturday 21st March~

We live in an age of throw away fashion. How often does one buy an item of clothing with the motive of one day wearing it only to have it thrown in their wardrobe and long forgotten? Or buy some clothing because it's 'so on trend' and then neglect it the next season and season after? The answer is a lot.
And here's another thing: Who finds a hole in a garment or part of some fabric in tatters and sorrowfully chucks it in the rubbish because surely it can't be worn again? I confess to the latter but now my mind has been opened up.

Imagine if there was no alternative but to make do with all that you had and the option to buy something new was no longer there. This was the case when fashion was on ration, when the outdoors was a mass of explosions and fear, death and hope. Practicality became a necessity so women's creativity shone. 
A quilt became a dress and an old silk map became a coat.
Boys' trousers became a skirt and underwear was made from scratch using found pieces of dainty floral fabric. Women couldn't just purchase a hat so they knitted one themselves and a piece of thick thread and some spare large buttons made an ideal necklace for added character.

Now what can you do? You who lives a lifestyle that's so easily taken for granted and gone about without much thought. There's creativity in you somewhere and it doesn't need to take a war to let it shine.

~Sunday 22nd March~

Rooms are transformed into grand galleries, the opulent mixed with the modern, and the setups are reflective of the clothes on show. Beginning at the start of his career and ending at the end, those that walk through the professional life of the designer are walking through innovation and art. It's to be appreciated and admired, sometimes to be looked at strangely and controversially (Quoted: "Eurghh, he used human hair?!") but mostly to be looked at admiringly. 

Hologram Kate
(found within the exhibition and a recreation from the autumn/winter 2006 show)

From a mystical blob hovering mid air, she grew. Twirling round and round, increasing slowly, her beauty captured within a large transparent pyramid. Elegantly she rose- Her figure, wrapped in ruffles, emerging from an electric blue cloud. Like a ghost except she is not dead. Like a small magical being, a fairy of goodwill. Her faint body floated and twisted like a dancer as she beckoned us in. Then she began to vanish, her size slowly sinking and her enchantment slowly fading until back in the blob she hid. Gone as though disappearing before our eyes only to return again moments later.

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