Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A little thought

Green tea and fresh flowers: The ideal start to a day

When I was younger, I wanted to be a boy. This wasn't because I thought males were a more stronger sex and that I would get further in life if I was one; It was because I was a massive tomboy. I loved football, playing in mud and wearing boys' clothes. I guess because of this you could say I wasn't sucked in by gender stereotypes. Or rather I was but the opposite gender's. Having said that, I did used to play with Barbie. And Action Man. Barbie and Action Man together

My reasoning for being a boy was that I would be more suited as one. By looking like one, I would have felt more comfortable in my own skin and considered my interests to have fitted with my appearance. As I grew and approached my teens, my tastes changed. I began to enjoy more typically feminine things and became style conscious as I no longer spent each day in combat trousers and football shirts. For a short period of time, when looking back at mini me, I was slightly embarrassed. Wouldn't it have been better if I was more of girly girl? Carried on wearing dresses like I did as a toddler? Taken up ballet?

Then in my teens, I discovered Alexa Chung. Around this time and beforehand, my role models (or maybe not role models but people I admired) had been male but now I was suddenly presented with a woman whose clothing merged the pretty and boyish, who would wear a men's fit t-shirt tucked into a skirt and who as a child would wear her brother's clothes. I felt connected. Inspired. No longer ashamed. I realised that I could still incorporate my inner tomboy into my developing personality. I could bring both the male and female together and there was nothing wrong with that.

I have no idea where my sports loving, 'boys' toys' relishing self came from as a really young child but on reflection I'm happy about it, feeling as though I have therefore grown up appreciating both sexes. Gender stereotypes make me cringe and I'm glad that it was naturally embedded in my mind from a small age that we don't need to conform to them. We can like what we like, dress how we want, whichever body parts we own. After all, we are all just humans.

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  1. Aww I love this and I completely agree! Some days I dress like a boy, some days I will be super girly, and either is fine!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com