Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Raw raspberry brownies

I made these brownies yesterday morning. I had a slice, my mum had a couple of slices and Tasnim did too. At night, I intended to have two more to accompany my camomile tea but as soon as I had eaten them I was lured back for more. This was partly due to being in need of comfort food (seriously, Winter, leave.) but mostly due to them being so delicious. There's something seductive about raspberries with chocolate so, with Valentine's approaching, I thought to incorporate them into this basic brownie recipe. Now I'm thinking "to hell with Valentine's day. Let's just just make it like this all the time!"

It's now a day later and the brownies are all gone. They were finished off last night :-(

To make, you will need...

1 cup of walnuts,
200g medjool dates,
2 table spoons cacao powder,
1 table spoon agave syrup,
handful of raspberries

What to do...

Begin by putting the walnuts through a blender on their own so they are broken into finer pieces. Next, simply add the dates, cacao powder and agave syrup and blend until all combined. Then using some kind of spoon and occasionally your hands mix in the raspberries, squishing them down in places so nice and juicy.

Transfer to a lined baking dish/ tray and leave in the freezer for one hour. The mixture will not fill the whole tray so to do so just double the amount of ingredients.

Once the hour is up, take out and cut into slices. When resisting the temptation of eating it all, keep stored in the fridge.

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  1. Please create an E book full of all of your recipes!