Saturday, 7 February 2015

Let's work out: A skip and a jump

Skipping ropes are great because they are inexpensive, portable and can be more effective than a £500 piece of equipment. Results from skipping are achieved simply. No fanciness, no complications, just basic jumping up and down.

When at home, in the colder months especially, skipping is perfect. For a sudden burst of warmth and boost of the metabolism, I will skip during adverts whilst watching TV. Or if I've been sat down for far too long and need to stretch, I will skip to get the legs moving.

Below is a fifteen minute workout you can do in your living room. It consists of four skipping moves followed by a bodyweight jumping exercise. So what are you waiting for? Get out your rope, which may have been long forgotten, and let's have some fun ;)

Jogging on the spot
Simply jog on the spot with your skipping rope. This is low impact and perfect for warming up/ recovering as you get further into the workout.

Up and down
Traditional skipping on the spot

Side to side
Instead of jumping on the spot, move left to right 

Forwards and backwards
Instead of jumping on the spot, jump forward and then back again 

Side lunge to star jumps
Start with a side lunge of your left hand side and then, as you return to the center, do two star jumps before lunging on the opposite side. Repeat for one minute then go straight into your next round which will begin with the skipping.

Love them or hate them, this workout wouldn't be complete without sixty seconds of burpees. Begin in a plank position, jump inwards and then leap into the air. Return to plank and do all over again. The quicker the better!

Star squats
Once you've done your final repetition of the skipping, end with one minute of star squats. Begin in a squat, touching the floor in between your legs and them jump up whilst stretching out your arms and legs. Immediately revert back to the squat and repeat. 

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