Monday, 5 January 2015

Pretty books and pancakes with a cherry sauce

Ok, Winter, you can go now. Once January arrives, your company is no longer wanted. Cold days out aren't bearable without a Christmas atmosphere and nights snuggled on the sofa by the fire aren't the same without a tree beside me. My freezing fingers fill me with even more frustration and I've just brought a new pair of dungarees and want to wear them WITHOUT TIGHTS. In tennis land, it's location Australia with the Aussie Open approaching and all that sunshine and hot weather is making me crave summer even more. I'm looking at my calender. It's pretty bare but the events that are happening aren't happening in Winter so, yeah, I'm sorry but the sooner you go the better.

Do I sound annoyingly negative? I do have one positive. An incredibly tasty, easy to put together positive. A cherry sauce! It's a warm and comforting topping for morning pancakes but has a reassuring flavour of the summery season.

To make, simply chop up a handful of fresh cherries, discarding the stones, and place in a saucepan. Add about six table spoons of water (depending on the quantity of cherries) and one tea spoon of coconut oil. Heat on the hob, starting on a medium to high heat and then lowering after a few minutes, whilst you make your pancakes.
If you've used a lot of cherries and there's a lot of sauce mix then you could possibly whiz it around in a blender afterwards to make it smoother. I didn't do this as there wasn't a lot there. Instead I just tipped it straight out onto my pancakes and savoured the taste.

I served mine with a beetroot, apple, pear, carrot and almond milk smoothie.


  1. I'm already counting the days until spring! I only like winter when things are festive and cute, it would be ideal if by Jan 1st it was warm again! I love the new blog look too, so cute and so 'you'
    Happy New Year Francesca! xx

  2. watching the australian open must be such a tease for you :( I just left europe and back home in (summer) australia
    ps- your pancakes look amazing

  3. Cherries are so decadent and I think using them in the dead of winter sounds like a magnificent idea to cheer things up! Good call! And yeah, my family live in Australia so I am constantly bombarded with sunny fun pictures on facebook!!

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