Friday, 14 November 2014

Encounters with the famous


Two months and two encounters with the famous. Life's full of random situations, some of which are real and some of which are not. What's happened to you recently?

The reality

~Is that Jimmy Carr?~

It's Friday 3rd October, approaching 4 o clock, and I've just arrived at King's Cross station. My insides are buzzing with excitement and my taste buds are craving the pre-train journey home chai latte. I rush towards Starbucks, dragging my suitcase behind me, and take my place in the queue.

Stood to my right waiting quietly for his order is a tall, relatively formal dressed man with stern facial expression and short dark 50's style hair.

I study him discreetly with my eyes, amused by the uncanny resemblance.

Me: [inside head] He looks so much like Jimmy Carr!

Then I'm distracted by the woman in front who is agitated and moody.

Woman in front: How long will it take?
Starbucks woman: About five to ten minutes
Woman in front: [frowns, sighs, faffs about on the spot and then turns her back and walks out]
Jimmy: What happened?
S W: Didn't want to wait for her order
Jimmy: Oh
Me: [inside head] IT IS JIMMY CARR
S W: [leans over counter slightly and whispers] Could you do me favour? Could you sign something for me?
Jimmy: Sure
S W: hands him a receipt and pen
Jimmy: Who's it for?
S W: My boyfiend
Jimmy writes message on receipt, signs it and then hands it back
Thank you
Me: [to Jimmy] Where are you going?
long pause
Jimmy: Oh are you talking to me?
Me: [Awkward laugh] yes you
Jimmy: Halifax
Me: Oooo exciting!
Jimmy: I know
Starbucks man: Tall (insert type of coffee) for Jimmy
Jimmy: That's me!
He collects his coffee and walks out
S W: What can I get you?
Me: Medium chai latte please!

The dream


It's November and I'm at the ATP World Tour Finals, except it's not in the O2 Arena it's in a lecture theatre. There are rows of seats, split into two aisles, descending down to a stage where the court is set up.

I am with two other people. Katharine and maybe Laurence. We are sat on the left hand side, towards the back, and directly in front of me is Roger Federer. To Roger's left is a woman in her early thirties with shoulder length blonde hair. Roger and her do not know each other. He has decided to sit amongst the crowd to watch the match about to take place.

On the same row on the right hand aisle sits Roger's mum and dad. There are many spare seats so why they decided not to sit together is unclear but all three are sat quietly not bringing attention to themselves.

Me: [enthusiastic whisper] Roger Federer is sat in front of us!
Katharine: [laughs] speak to him!
Me: No, I don't want to disturb him
looks with amusement at the back of Roger's head then eyes shift to momentarily examine the woman next to him.
[to myself] how is she just sat there not reacting?
Reaches arm out in slow motion and mimes action of tapping him on the head. Quickly draws it back when his head shifts slightly.
Katharine: [impatiently] just speak to him!
Me: no!

Laurence is sat to my left looking disinterested. He has his phone in his hands and keeps glancing down to reply to a group message on Facebook.

Me: Turns to Laurence, sees lack of excitement, frowns and immediately turns back to Katharine.
Katharine: There are some spare seats over there [points to two seats next to Roger's mum and dad] Shall we move?
Me: Yes!! It's a better view [pauses] and it's Roger's mum and dad!! [laughs]

Get up and hurriedly make way forward to the two seats

Mrs Federer: What are you doing?
Me: We thought we'd come closer so we could get a clearer view
Mrs Federer: [angrily] No. You can't just sit here

Unwillingly return to previous seats, taken aback by the reaction

Mr Federer remained silent the whole time, a scowl on his face and a downturned mouth peeking out underneath his mustache.


  1. I loved reading this! Maybe Jimmy Carr paused and made out he didn't know you were talking to him only because he had to quickly think of a place where he really wasn't going in case you were a crazy stalker? ;) Lovely read!