Thursday, 4 September 2014

midweek/ new year musings

                       Eating                                                                                                                        Wearing
   Cinnamon chia pudding with apple and flaked almonds                                                    Self customised headbands

While January the first is the beginning of a new calender year, September feels more like a fresh start. Apart from the festivities and magic of Christmas and perhaps a rejuvenated mindset, there is no real difference between December and January. The weather's the same, you're carrying on with the same things (If in education) and time just generally flows.

In September, during the 'back to school' period, there are many changes. You're closing the windows on summer, your wardrobe has been revamped to suit the changing climate and you feel energised and clear-minded after a much needed holiday. Proceeding with life feels like sinking into a newly made bed with clean crisp sheets; everything feels fresh and calm.

So here I am putting the past twelve months behind me and commencing a new chapter/ story in life with a filled backpack, new uniform and eager mentality.


  1. You're right, September is like a fresh year, especially if you're at school or Uni! Good luck with the next chapter, I'm rooting for you!

  2. Just heading over after seeing your name on Hayley's blog hop post. She was right, you do have a lovely blog! The pudding sounds delicious!

  3. Even though I don't do school/university anymore, I still think of September as the new year, probably to a greater extent than I think of January as new year! Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :P

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