Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dreams vs reality

In early 2012, when beginning to ponder over which university to choose out of two possible choices, I had a dream that I turned up on my first day to find I was sharing a place with Schmidt, Nick and Winston. This was only after the first few episodes of New Girl so it came as a total surprise and it wasn't as though in the dream I actually knew it was them. I woke up and had suddenly come to the decision that this was the university I would choose because it felt like my gut instinct was telling me so. Anyway, I arrived at my accommodation on Friday and I thought it would be interesting to compare.

The dream

Please note: dialogue has been modified slightly because understandably I can't remember exactly what was said.

I walked down the quiet cul-de-sac, bags in both my hands. Newly built houses with cheery brown bricks and white framed windows were dotted around and I scanned each one with squinted eyes searching for the correct number. My designated house was at the end on the left hand side and I eagerly headed down it, dropping my bags at the doorstep. 

[knocks on door]

A confident, grinning faced Schmidt answers the door. As he opens it he stretches out his arm, gesturing what's around.

Schmidt: Hello. Welcome to your new abode.
Me: Hi!!
[embraces him with a hug and places a kiss on each cheek]
It's so lovely to meet you!
Schmidt: [smiling] Thank you. I'm Schmidt
Me: [smiling also] Hi Schmidt. I'm Frankie
Schmidt: Well Frankie you'll be living with two other guys, me of course being the best and most attractive
Me: Ha, great. Where shall I put my bags? I can't wait to get settled in!
Schmidt: Upstairs, straight on and then it's on the left
Me: [picking up bags from just outside the door] Thanks!

I walk up the stairs and slowly take in my surroundings which are minimalistic and tidy. I begin walking across the landing before stopping by a door on the right which is wide open.

A frowning Nick is sat cross legged on the floor staring with concentration at the TV screen in front of him whilst playing on a games console. 

Me: Hi
[slight pause]
I've just moved in. I'm your new house buddy
Nick: [briefly looking away from the screen to face me, smiling as he lifts his hand in a welcome]
Hey. I'm Nick. It's nice to meet you

The reality
It's Friday the 12th September, two days after I collected my keys, and I'm making my way from Horley where mum and I had been cat sitting Tygra. As I approach my accommodation, my arms are sore from my heavy suitcase lagging behind and I place down my bags to rummage about for my keys. After an awkward amount of time trying to unlock the doors, I finally make my way inside. There are two girls there already and we talk in the kitchen over a mug of tea. 
Two days later and I can tell you that there are no guys (There's six of us in total. All girls) and I do not have Jess Day confidence. Argh if only dreams were real. (Just kidding)

I also brought cookies when I arrived because what's a better way to greet people than with home-made treats?!  These raw chocolate ones consist of just under 1/3 cup of honey, just under 1/2 cup of almond milk, 3 table spoons of cacao powder, just under 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 3 cups of oats.
To make them simply heat the honey, almond milk and cacao powder in a saucepan until melted and then add the peanut butter. Take off the hob and fold in the oats until all combined and then form the mixture into cookies. Keep in the fridge until set :)

Cookie recipe modified from these Tone It Up ones

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  1. This was a really creative post. I often have dreams where I wake up absolutely convinced that I'm friends with various celebrities/bloggers/youtubers, and it's really unsettling to snap back into reality! Anyway, I bet your university life will turn out to be unique and magical, and all the better for not being anything like New Girl. :)

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog