Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Alexander Wang

Sneakers and trainers have become more than just shoes for sport. They are a 'necessity' in people's daily wardrobes and they are a component of the street. When once one may have declared how they would 'never be seen dead' in a pair, they now wear them regularly with new-found affection. The shoes have huddled together in one domineering team and beaten the tall and glamorous down. 'Comfort over style' is no longer an issue because, in this case, comfort is style.

Sneakers on the runway now seems customary like stilettos or court shoes. Sneakers in general are a sight as habitual as the passing of a car or the passing of a bird. Alexander Wang understands this and has therefore used it as the basis of his Spring Summer '15 collection: sneakers as clothing.

Flyknits have become scuba-style bodycon dresses and Stan Smiths are stylish tennis wear. There's the combination of mesh and leather and bright streaks of colour zoom across dresses and bralets like the eye-catching designs on many popular Nikes. The collection is innovative and neat, clever and slick, contemporary and totally wearable with the tailored trousers emphasising the way in which sneakers are now worn.

All in all... it's Alexander Wang at his finest.

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  1. I must admit I'm still not completely convinced with the sneakers trend, probably because I'm not much of a trainers sort of gal! I do think they look good with a sports lux style outfit though but it's not a look I would personally go for myself! :)