Sunday, 31 August 2014

cette semaine

It's Sunday night and I'm sat watching Made In Chelsea NYC and eating Toblerone whilst thinking about why I'm even still watching MIC when the story lines have become so tedious and annoying, even with the attempt of moving it to a different city, and why I have not eaten Toblerone in such a long time because it's literally one of my favourite types of chocolate. Anyway here's what has been happening to me this week. What's been happening to you?

It's devastating that Rafa Nadal has, once again, had
to withdraw and can't renew his crown after last year's
perfect victory but there are so many young female
players making shining impressions that it's not all
disappointing. There's the 15 year old American, CiCi
Bellis, who became the youngest player to win a US Open
match in eighteen years, defeating Dominika Cibulkova
 (the world #13) and 17 year old Belinda Bencic secured her
biggest win to date to earn her place in the fourth round. 

WATCHING (Let's Be Cops)
Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr (New Girl) are in a film together!
I imagine actors hate this but when they become well associated
with a character it's difficult to see them as anybody else. That's why to
me Jake will always be Nick Miller and Damon will always be Coach. 
Especially when they are appearing together... as best friends.

So, Nick Ryan and Coach Justin are relatively unhappy in life. Coach
Justin is dissatisfied with his job due to nobody listening to his ideas and
Nick Ryan is basically a failure who doesn't have a job. Whilst walking down
the streets dressed in fancy dress one night, they discover that passers by believe they
are cops and, energised by the female attention and the power they have over strangers/
gang members, they decide to take advantage of this and from then on travel around
pretending to be cops. Or rather, Nick Ryan, who's way too enthusiastic and
serious, decides to take advantage of this and Coach Justin goes along with it
because a) It's obviously difficult to resist an overexcited Nick Ryan and b) He's
irritated about how he always gives up on things.
They find themselves in a dangerous situation, naturally, so you will have to go and
see it yourself to find out what happens :)

In the current world, living in secrecy when an icon or famous
figure is nearly impossible. This is why Kate Bush is so compelling
and why it is refreshing she has returned. Rather than people have a perception
of her formed from insignificant personal traits and life through a paparazzi lens, an image
is created via her talent, the music, voice, appearance when performing.
Therefore she's somewhat mythical and enchanting and only those who are in
her presence (at one of her current shows or even just listening at home) can enter her
world- the world they are transported to.

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  1. I managed to catch a bit of MIC NYC today, the first I've seen but I had to switch off after half an hour, it was just too horrible! And I normally love MIC! Kate Bush is the best, I love her.