Tuesday, 26 August 2014

bracelets d'amitiés

Bracelets from North Laine, Brighton

Every female should have a best friend; that 'sister from another mister.' A girl friend to share deepest secrets with, to copy each other's style and to stay up late until the early hours of the morning exchanging gossip and giggles. Why should such a friendship stop existing when we are in our early twenties? It shouldn't!

I love how Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss look like twins. They are like rays of sunshine together brightening up all that's around them. I imagine that when one of them has had a tough and emotional day, they will get together, change into their pyjamas/onesies, snack on a stash of cookies (Karlie's Kookies of course) and shake off all their troubles. Together. As one.

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