Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thoughts and things

Up close and in some sections it sort of feels like a beach- sand, water, a slight salty smell- but zooming out and you're hit by the reality of the stones and dirt. This is London and there are many of these small strips dotted along the Thames. If you're a city dweller, cooped up in your office all day long, I can imagine this could be a place to momentarily stop by on a stuffy summer's day to pretend you're somewhere far more exotic. Or, if you're a child, this is definitely a place you'd want to stop by. Bring your bucket and spade like the children near me had when the photo above was taken. Just stay clear of the river...


On Tuesday I finally went to see the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern. His cut-outs (cutting and sticking is not just child's play!) are a source of inspiration not just for art admirers but for anybody. When bed-bound and wilting with old age, weak and overpowered with illness, Henri Matisse's ambition and creativity increased. He found a way around his set-backs and came out of those darker patches with success. He proved that there's always a way to achieve no matter how despondent the situation. Note: He would arrange rooms so tables and his bed were right next to the wall. That way he could paint while sitting down. If it was too high to reach (he liked to cover the whole of the walls with his work), he would pile a chair on top.

Jenny Lewis has a new album out. 'The Voyager' is like a fun, easy-going day out with friends in the city and Just One Of The GuysThe New You and The Voyager are like those extra fun moments that stand out amongst the rest.

Majool dates, walnuts, cacao powder and a tiny bit of agave syrup all combined make the perfect late evening treat for satisfying those sweet cravings. Simply blend the walnuts in a blender, add the rest of the ingredients and continue to blend until a sticky mixture is formed. Form into squares (or spread it all out a in a tray if you have enough mixture and then cut later) and leave in the fridge. It's the easiest brownie ever and it's modified from Deliciously Ella's.


  1. I like this style of post, when I used to live in London I'd often see people sunbathing on the sandbanks of The Thames, which to me seemed so weird but then I grew up in a seaside town so I guess I'm a bit stuck up when it comes to pretty places to sunbathe! I hope you had a nice time down there, do you remember when that Whale was stuck in The Thames? It was so sad!

    1. ahahaha nahh I'm the same and I don't even come from a seaside town! There's a sandbank near where my brother used to live and the first time I visited he said "I need to show you the beach!" and I was like "beach?" and then I saw it and was like "This is not a beach!!" We had an argument about it.
      and omg yeah, the whale!!! I wasn't in London then but I remember seeing it on the news and being like 'wow!" xx

  2. Cute photos!