Wednesday, 23 July 2014

écoutons! Faro

Driving down an open road; Roof off, sun blazing, palm trees either side. There's not a cloud in the sky, not a care in the world. Just you, your closest friend(s) and Faro skipping out of the speakers.
Sat in the garden; Legs crossed, shorts on, sheltered under a flourishing tree of vibrant green. There's a glass of ice tea in hand, birds and butterflies flying past and Faro wondering out of the speakers.

Laura Hayden, Spanglish model, blogger and contributor to Harpar's Bazaar, also makes music with her band Faro.
In Drive On she may be singing about a heaven that looks like hell and in Always Let You Down about let downs and not recognising the person she's become but this is counteracted by the easy-going, joyful melodies, the soft calming vocals and that overall ambience that makes one feel happy.

I love getting excited about music. Over the years this feeling has become less and less frequent. I don't know why and it's a shame but it does mean that, when I do get excited, that band or artist immediately becomes more special. So hi, Faro! I'm waiting for more songs and I'm waiting impatiently. These two (which you can listen to here) available on Soundcloud have been played on repeat far too many times. But then they are the perfect accompaniment to this PERFECT summer weather England (* gasps*) is experiencing at the moment. So for as long as it remains, the number of plays will continue to escalate... 

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  1. Funny we both blogged about music today! Especially as we both never really do! I just checked out Laura's blog - what a beauty!