Thursday, 26 June 2014

summery bircher muesli!

Wakey wakey rise and shine,
get out of bed; It's breakfast time

I see bircher muesli as a summer's day porridge. While curling up with a bowl of heat is perfect in colder temperatures, it doesn't have the same effect when jumpers are nowhere to be seen. Which is why bircher muesli is the ideal (and equally substantial) alternative.
This one, though, is the ultimate bircher muesli. I've been experimenting with different recipes as you can literally use whatever fruit etc you like but this one I keep going back to.

So you can make your's tonight, if you like, eat it straight from the fridge in the morning and transport yourself to a tropical paradise surrounded by coconuts and the vibrancy of strawberries. Mmmhmmm you're in heaven.

My muesli was modified from Deliciously Ella's.

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