Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer 2014 with Alex Monroe

Those small, familiar flowers found in their groups out in the countryside have a pleasant charm to them that's taken for granted by passers by. The same goes for the rising gathering and blossoming bushes of flowers that live in the garden, their gracious colours bold and dazzling like a golden glow in the sunlight. And so we sit amongst them. A book in our hands, a cup of tea or sparkling glass of lemonade by our side, a selection of vibrant foods spread out in front of us ready to be eaten and the sounds of birds and family fun surrounding us. We gleam in the light. Buttercups on our ears like resting on fields of grass; Forget Me Nots travelling around our wrists like appearing from an accumulation of green weeds; and a party of general floral prettiness hanging from our necks...

Alex Monroe has the creative ability to make things precious. Whether it's a teapot, some asparagus or his love of surrounding nature, the hand-crafted, small gold pieces are easily wearable accessories that feel special. This is most likely why he was a winner at last month's UK Fashion & Textile Association awards. You can see the Summer collection here

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  1. Gold is my favourite colour, and I love nature and bringing it into personal style so I love these so much! Nice to see you using your Spanish skills too! :)