Friday, 13 June 2014

Ice cream and shells

The cats are taking over my garden. They prowl about with stern looks on their faces, emerging from flowerbeds and over walls. There's one, named Percy, who belongs next door. He's grey with fine black stripes. Like a tiger. He definitely thinks he's one as he strolls around in a domineering manner. He has white feet like snugly slippers, especially as no sound is made as he wonders past. I'll be sat in my living room and he'll just wonder into the conservatory if the door's open as though he lives here too. He'll take a few steps around and then leave as if to say 'it's boring here'. I will look at him amused and he'll just stare back uninterested in my thoughts. He has a twin, name unknown but doesn't have white feet, who appears to be more shy. Occasionally they'll wonder around together or he'll be sprawled out on the concrete by the front door, soaking up the sunshine.

There's another cat. Dark brown with a red collar who's been around for ages. Yesterday I was sat in the garden and he came around the corner of the house. He glared at me with his oppressive green eyes then continued on his way, disappearing into the bushes.
Then there's another one too. I had never seen it before; I have no idea who it belongs to but sometimes it will tag along with the others.

They prefer it when there's nobody about. When I'm out of sight and my mum's nowhere to be seen. That way they can really act as though the garden is there's- Free to roam in peace and poo in comfort...

The reason I'm telling you this is the outside light keeps coming on an off as I type this and I know it's them. I know it's Percy on his mischievous night-time saunter.

(By the way, I don't actually mind this. I find it really amusing and cute but my mum's like 'argh'. I just had nothing else to write about)

These photos were taken during a much needed catch up with Tasnim, Yasmine and Benji. I'm wearing a Les Nereides ice cream necklace and handmade shell necklace, Liberty Nikes and vintage sunglasses. I'm sorry that my legs are disgustingly pale. I hate them but then what do you expect when shorts-appropriate weather occurs very rarely in England. 


  1. Cute pictures! =)
    Please, check out my blog!


  2. hehe had a lovely time! lovin' your necklaces as always!