Monday, 16 June 2014

BY KIM cord bracelets

Ropes are a catalyst for adventure, encouraging people to let out their inner animal and swing from branches like monkeys.
People rely on ropes to give them courage as they pull themselves up to great heights,
and ropes are a vital tool for survival if you happen to be alone in the wilderness.

They are also a symbol of fun.

Let the scene be set.

It's summer, maybe early autumn (A time when indoor playing is never a consideration). We are children and we've discovered long pieces of rope curled up at the back of the shed. Without hesitation we grab hold of them and rush to the trees situated at the back of the garden. These pieces of rope, like any other piece of rope, are simplistic in form and appearance but still they seem so exciting!

We could tie each other up. So I, unwillingly, volunteer as victim and you run in circles like a maniac firmly fixing me to the trunk of the tree as the rope is wrapped around. Together we laugh and then you reverse your running so the rope becomes unravelled and I can feel freedom once again.

I could strangle you I suddenly remark with too much enthusiasm as I grapple the rope from your possession and jokingly begin to tie it around your neck. You struggle away and then we laugh once again.

However, the real fun arrives when the swings are made. Three pieces of rope are attached to a sturdy branch above the grass overlooking the garden. Two are joined to a small plank of wood, the other tied to a tyre, all helped via the handy work of the father. We just watched with anticipation, letting our imagination pass the time.

And then we swing. Up into the candy floss clouds and back down to the reality of earth, dipping in and out with grins plastered to our faces and gossip and nonsense flying out of our mouths...

How can tales of ropes and knots be recreated in an adult, sophisticated manner? Through the wrap cord bracelet.

Above are BY KIM double-wrap cord bracelets at Wempe that can be found in naturalistic red and browns and brighter fun colours like pink, turquoise and orange. With their 18 carat rose and white gold charms subtly attached, these kind of bracelets are like the special moments derived from adventure. 

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