Saturday, 14 June 2014

Breakfast energy cookies

Thursday was International Peanut Butter Cookie Day. Great, huh? Except I literally found this out like an hour after I had made these almond butter cookies. I felt so bad towards the jar of peanut butter sat temptingly in the cupboard. On a day dedicated to him, I choose the almond butter. Who does such traitorous things?! I guess my point is, you can easily substitute almond butter for peanut butter in this recipe and the result will be just as tasty and perhaps even more energising (I always feel fuller after eating peanut butter). That and I should really be aware of random occasions in the year.

These cookies are compiled of all things healthy and could not be quicker to make. They kind of remind me of the Bounce energy balls except these have the pleasantness of being homemade and, as they consist of every-day ingredients that are pretty much always in the kitchen, are free!

They like to be eaten on-the-go if you 'haven't got time for breakfast', munched on while having a busy, active day or served as an accompaniment to your morning's fruit salad and cup of tea.