Friday, 30 May 2014

celeriac fries

What is celeriac?
It tastes like a cross between celery and parsnip, the dreamiest of combinations, and it's currently my favourite thing.

I've been meaning to try celeriac for ages but completely forgot about it. Then my mum came back from the supermarket with some last week and asked "what should I do with it?" Good question, I thought. So I turned to my trustworthy and inspirational friend, Pinterest, who always has the best ideas, or at least some ideas which lead to the best ideas, and I came to a clear decision that I'd have to give these celeriac fries a go. 
I used half of the celeriac (the rest was put in a casserole the day before) and served them as a side dish with some normal potato wedges. I kind of neglected the potato wedges though because these were just too good...

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  1. I've never tried celeriac and had always wondered what it tasted like. If it's at all parsnip-y I'm bound to love it! Definitely going to have to try some soon I think.
    Faye |