Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday

Mmmm the trailing aroma of cooking pancakes pulling you out of bed and into the kitchen,
the colourful array of fresh fruit and inviting jars of Nutella and peanut butter sat excitedly on the table.

Oooo the look of homemade perfection as you are handed the towering plate of joy,
the knowing you will be satisfied for the rest of your day.

Ahhh the yumminess as you take a bite...and another...and another...until it's gone. All gone.


Many see Shrove Tuesday as a calorific competition of how many pancakes they can gobble down or an excuse to go crazy on the ice cream and chocolate but this year I see it as the perfect opportunity for me to share with you my favourite pancake toppings/ fillings.

So here's what I ate and maybe what you will be eating very soon too.

Mini banana pancakes (Add mushed up banana to your mixture before cooking) topped with peanut butter and more banana. I made normal sized pancakes and then cut out smaller circles with a baking cutter. If you don't like bananas you can always use other fruit like blueberries.

Savoury pancakes flavoured with rosemary (sprinkled in the mixture) and filled with kale, avocado and roasted tomatoes. Obviously you can fill your's with whatever you desire but the ingredients I used compliment each other so well. I served it with a salad of roasted peppers, roasted onion, peas, rocket, chickpeas and boiled egg. Colourful dinners always end up the most delicious and I think this one proves that.

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