Monday, 24 February 2014


It was pleasantly Spring-like for a change. I was sat on the bus on my way to King's Cross, sipping on mango coconut water with the sun shining on the city and for that brief time I forgot it was February. Then again, mango coconut water is summer in a bottle so I'd forget it was February even if it was aggressively snowing. I met Tasnim earlier than originally planned, which caused extra happiness for both of us, and so we eagerly hopped back on the bus and headed for our time at the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend. However the idea of Spring paying an early visit was destroyed by the aggravating gusts of wind that accompanied us when stepping off at Blackfriars bridge.

But why am I focusing on the weather? That's such a typically boring, British thing to do. For summer FASHION and exquisite headwear, head over to Yummy Like Cake now.

~Jacket: Bank~
~Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters~
~Hat: Topshop~
~Earrings: Made by me...out of lego~
~Necklace: Made by me~

Wondering around:
~Victoria Embankment Gardens~
~Somerset House terrace~


  1. I adore your hat and how you styled it! You're so lucky to live in a beautiful city such as London!

    New look up on

  2. Lovely outfit for a day out

  3. Your outfit is so cool!