Sunday, 16 February 2014


I entered the Somerset House courtyard on the chilly Saturday and immediately caught sight of Jamie Laing, his blonde hair and infectious grin impossible to go unnoticed, casually socialising with his boi Spencer Matthews and Camille Charriere was being photographed by numerous style snappers while standing nonchalantly in a snug sweater and long camel coat. Just a usual day at Fashion Week. Natalie, Louise and I spent some time wondering around, soaking up the atmosphere, before myself and Natalie headed to The Savoy hotel to admire the pop-up Wolf & Badger had put on. A selection of admirable jewellery, scarves and shoes were on display plus plates of meringues dressed in rainbow colours of yellow, pink and blue. A catwalk show of NARCISS' Autumn/Winter collection took place triggering a desire for a double denim pairing of crop top and shorts complete with contrasting brown hems.

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What I wore:
Cap: H&M
Choker necklace: made by me
Shoes: London Rebel @ Asos

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  1. Cute look - I too entered Somerset house in the week and walked right into the middle of fashion week madness! It's so fun to watch! Sounds like such a fun day I'm envious you saw Jamie ;)