Friday, 14 February 2014


The love of my life is yet to enter my world. I'm still waiting for him to unexpectedly appear from a majestic sunset, galloping towards me on his horse, and whisk me away into happily-ever-after land. But despite this relatively lonesome situation, there's no reason not to celebrate Valentine's Day. Any occasion involving more love in the world should be embraced whether it's with a partner, friends or family.

But what to wear? Do you go all out, Meadham Kirchhoff love heart pinafore style? Classy and traditional in a seductive red gown? Or just elegant and dreamy? I went for the latter during early celebrations last Friday with my good pal Tasnim

~Dress: Zara~
~Necklace: Made by me~

~Love heart macarons: Fortnum & Mason~
~Homemade green tea and apricot cookies~

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  1. Ohhh you have a 2nd blog! Love this idea, I hope this blog is just as good as YLC is!
    I LOVE this dress so much, it's too cute! Cakes look delicious too *Drools*